Tips to Effectively Use an Air Fryer

tfal air fryer

Fried food is a favorite fast food option of many people in the summer. However, eating too much fried food is a big fear because of fat ratio. That is the reason why we would like to introduce one of the best solutions to deal with this problem, air fryer. The air fryer is considered as a powerful tool in creating a variety of dishes such as fried chicken, deep-fried French toast, deep-fried mushroom, zucchini, potatoes, etc…Learn about top 5 fried recipes at air fryer reviews by Trina Hahnemann. In our review, we will provide all you need when using an air fryer.

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Jemima Puddle Duck Cake

My mother was a cake artist.  I say ‘was’ as she retired from cake decorating 15 years ago.  She was that person who made life-like flowers out of sugar paste and crystallised Christmas bells out of nothing but sugar and water.  I’ll probably never be as talented as my mom, mostly due to my lack of patience, but I have been able to create some special cakes of my own.

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Crumpets for your crumpet

Crumpets are comfort food.  A savoury or sweet breakfast and teatime snack made with flour and yeast, they are mainly eaten in the UK. If I had to describe to my fellow South Africans the taste of a homemade crumpet I would say they are very similar to vetkoek (without the deep frying!)  You can buy crumpets in some supermarkets, but the difference between store-bought and homemade crumpets has to be experienced at least once.


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Making your own marshmallows is easy.  No, really.  The first time I made homemade marshmallows I was amazed at  how few ingredients are used and how relatively uncomplicated the process is.  Sure, you need some experience with boiling sugar syrup, but once you know how, you’ll never look back.


Most of our marshmallow memories include the same formula. A big bag of the Beacon pink and white variety, gently burning embers, a hunt for the perfect roasting stick, and an ooey gooey mess – where burning your lips at least once on scalding hot sugar is inevitable. Or any child’s birthday party with a tower of Rice Krispie squares.  Oh how we loved their spongy texture!  There is however a feeling of accomplishment that comes with biting into the pillowy sweet airiness of a homemade marshmallow. Continue reading “M-m-m-marshmallows” »

Bake Me A Cake


As far as decisive moments in my life go, I think having my first taste of cake was pretty monumental.  I think baking my first cake was even greater.

I grew up around baking.  Homemade cookies and cakes were ritual.  And it wasn’t just the case at our house.  A visit to the Moss home would almost guarantee something sweet and cake shaped sitting on the kitchen counter, whipped up earlier by Michele Continue reading “Bake Me A Cake” »

Recipes for Summer

recipes for summer

I admit I struggle in the Boland heat.  I’m an Autumn person.  But the best thing about Summer is the produce!  Everything is bright and ripe, sun-kissed and sweet – raspberries, mango, lychees, tomatoes, figs, apricots, cherries … the list goes on.  Whenever I can I try to get my hands on organic tomatoes at this time of year.

My father brought me a bag of ripe figs he had picked off a tree in the vineyards down the road from their house.  Awesome, onto the buffet table they go!  “There are plenty where those came from”. he says.  Fantastic, because I’d love to make up some fig, bacon & goats cheese pizzas for Friday night.

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Rose Bakery

Rose Bakery

My sister recently returned from Amsterdam and brought with her 12kg worth of cookbooks – heaven to me!!! One of these included Rose Bakery, which I have had my eye on for a while. They are known for their diet specific baked goods, such as wheat free, gluten free, vegan. One recipe that caught my attention was gluten free flapjacks made with buckwheat flour – we often serve up flapjacks as a breakfast special, which I like to stack high with some banana or fresh berries, top with a dollop of creme fraiche and a drizzle of organic honey or syrup. Continue reading “Rose Bakery” »